ABC Printables

This year I'll be contributing alphabet letter of the week ideas on
Totally Tots
. For each letter, there will be handwriting pages plus
other printable activities suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. If
you would like to share these printable pages with others,
link to this page, not the individual files.
Be sure to see my terms of
use  before downloading. I'd love for you to visit my main blog to
keep updated when new things are added.
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Aa is for Astronaut:

Book: On the Moon
Astronaut letter writing practice & poem
Astronaut theme planner page
Planets Song

Astronaut theme post on Totally Tots
Astronaut  Pack: Homeschool Creations
Man on the Moon from Musings of Me
Aa is for Apple:

Book: Ten Apples on Top

Apple pattern cards
Apple tree number match

Apple theme blog post
Bb is for Bugs :
Book: Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!
Bb handwriting page
Bee number cards
Bee color match
Bug color sorting mat
Be Kind Coloring Page
Busy Bee Coloring Page
Bug theme planner page
Butterfly Poem
Bug theme post on Totally Tots
Cc is for Cupakes:
Book: If You Give a Cat a Cupcake
Cc handwriting page
Cupcake craft
Cat and cupcake activity
Cupcake theme planner page

Cupcake theme post on Totally Tots
Dd is for Ducks:
Book: A Cuddle for Little Duck
Dd handwriting and color cards
Duck craft
Duck word cards
Sink/Float activity pages
Duck theme planner page
Duck Theme post on Totally Tots
Ee is for Egg:
Book: An Extraordinary Egg
Ee handwriting and sorting cards
Egg theme planner page

Egg theme post on Totally Tots
Ff is for Feathers:
Book: Feathers for Lunch
Ff handwriting page
Feathers theme planner page
Feathers theme post on Totally Tots
Gg is for Gorilla:
Book: Little Gorilla
Gg handwriting page
Gorilla size-sequence activity
Gorilla foot-print craft
Gorilla theme planner page

Gorilla theme post on Totally Tots
Hh is for Hands:
Book: One Hand, Two Hands
Hh handwriting page
Hands poem
Hands theme planner page
Hands theme post on TotallyTots
Ii is for Igloo:
Book: Immi's Gift
Ii handwriting page
Igloo craft
Igloo theme planner page
Igloo theme post on Totally Tots
Jj is for Jungle:
Jungle Word Cards
Jj is for Jack:
Book: This is the House that Jack Built
Jj handwriting page

Ode to Jack post on Totally Tots
Kk is for Kisses:
Book: Counting Kisses
Kk handwriting page
Kk game board
Kk is for Kisses on Totally Tots
Ll is for Lion:
Book: ROAR!
Ll handwriting/poem
Lion coloring page
Lion mini-puzzle
Lion theme on Totally Tots
Mm is for Moon:
Book: Goodnight Moon
Mm handwriting/poem
Hey Diddle, Diddle coloring page
Moon Theme on Totally Tots
Nn is for Nap:
Book: The Napping House
Nn handwriting/poem
Nocturnal Animal Sorting Sheets
Nap Theme on Totally Tots
Oo is for Owl:
Book: Good-Night Owl
Oo handwriting/poem
Owl craft/coloring sheet
Owl Theme on Totally Tots
Pp is for Panda:
Book: Panda Big, Panda Small
Pp handwriting/poem page
Panda Theme on Totally Tots
Qq is for Quiet:
Book: The Very Quiet Cricket
Qq handwriting/poem page
Quiet Theme on Totally Tots
Rr is for Robots:
Book: The Robot Book
Rr Handwriting Poem Plus Coloring
Resources: Robot Theme on Totally
Ss is for Spaghetti:
Book: On Top of Spaghetti
Ss handwriting Poem
Letter S Outline Craft
Resources: Spaghetti Theme on
Totally Tots.
Tt is for Tools:
Book: Tap, Tap, Bang, Bang
Tt handwriting & poem
Resources: Tool Theme on Totally
Uu is for Umbrella:
Book: The Umbrella
Uu handwriting Poem page
Resources: Umbrella Theme on
Totally Tots
Vv is for Violin:
Book: Zin, Zin, Zin, A Violin
Vv handwriting Poem Page
Resources: Violin Theme on Totally
Ww is for Wind:
Book: The Wind Blew
Ww handwriting poem page
Resources: Wind/weather ideas on
Totally Tots
Xx is for X-ray:
Book: Dem Bones
Xx handwriting Poem Page
Resources: X-ray Theme on Totally
Yy is for Yellow:
Book: The Little Yellow Leaf
Yy handwriting poem
Resources: Yellow Theme on Totally
Zz is for Zoo:
Book: My Heart is Like a Zoo
Zz handwriting poem
Resources: Zoo theme on Totally
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