Nursery Rhyme Unit

We will be reading and memorizing several nursery rhymes this year. We will
accomplish this through nursery rhyme games, nursery rhyme crafts, and
retelling activities. I will be sharing these ideas on my blog,
Spell Outloud,
Totally Tots. This page will be the resource page for both blogs.

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Some of my favorite
Nursery Rhyme
Little Bo Peep
Jack and Jill
Getting Started
I shared how I was getting ready for this unit. I
listed Nursery Rhyme printable links plus other
thoughts related to the unit.

Getting Started: Nursery Rhyme Unit on Spell
I'll be pinning nursery rhyme ideas
on my Pinterest board. Follow me
on Pinterest for more great nursery
rhyme inspiration.
Hey Diddle, Diddle
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Twinkle, Twinkle Activities on Totally
Tots - Coming 2/16
Get Moving with Nursery Rhymes
What I love about nursery rhymes is that they
are short and simple and easy to incorporate
during the day. You can read the rhymes,
sing them, create crafts or even play games
with these stories. I’ve had fun thinking of
ways to get kids moving with nursery rhymes
See my
Get Moving with Nursery Rhyme post
over at Totally Tots.
Nursery Rhyme Stick Puppets
Here's an easy and cute way to tell and retell
nursery rhymes using stick puppets. Read
Nursery Rhyme Stick Puppets for more
Humpty Dumpty