Baby woke up before I had time to upload this section.....
I believe letting young learners use hands-on materials for
experiencing math is the best option. Sometimes though, you need a
printable or two to help reinforce a concept. You'll find early learning
math printables and games (coming) here. Enjoy!

I'd love if you share these ideas with others.
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and not directly to the file. Thank you.

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Ice Cream Numbers
Blog Post: Cherry Counting Game
Apple Tree Number Match
Blog Post: Apple Tree Number Match
Coin Toss Tally Sheet
Blog Post: Touchdown!
Phone number cut-and-paste
Months of the Year Chart
(blog post: Calendar Time)
6-color sorting mat
(blog post: Bug Sort)
Spider Sorting Mat
(blog post: The Very Busy Spider)
Octopus Color Cards
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Early Math Resources
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