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Spell Outloud and HSPrintables are owned by Maureen Spell. Started in 2009,
Spell Outloud has a growing audience of homeschoolers and parents with
young children. Some of the topics you'll find are:

* Toddler and preschool activities
* ABC ideas, and crafts
* Homeschool projects for toddlers through middle school
* Free educational printables
* Curriculum, books, and family product reviews
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Advertising on Spell Outloud

125x125 Ad spot (no flash ads):
$25 for 1 month or $65 for 3 months

250 x 250 Ad spot (no flash ads)
$35 for 1 month or $90 for 3 months
Advertising on HSPrintables: (this is where I host my free printables)

125x125 Ad spot (no flash ads) -- most category pages have ad spots available (see index page
for categories):
$15.00 for one month or $35 for 3 months

250x250 Ad spot on the index page: $20.00 for 1 month or $50 for 3 months

Ads run on a calendar month basis and must be approved. All ads must be family-friendly and appropriate for the audience of
Spell Outloud. Payment via Paypal is preferred.

I also love to come up with creative advertising opportunities for companies that fit the audience of my blog. Feel free to contact
me for more details.
Demographic information is available for advertisers. Please email me for additional information.
I am looking to partner with one or two companies willing to sponsor me to attend the Alume Social Conference (formerly
Relevant) . I have various sponsorship packages and would love to come up with creative ways to represent your brand.
Review and Giveaway Policy: (for unsolicited reviews & giveaways)
Conference Sponsorship:
Allume: Living in the Light
Giveaways and Reviews are prime real estate because of the traffic it drives to your site!  I am diligent to promote your site in
every way possible during your giveaway/review. I share on my social media sites and promote on link-ups when able. I have
found that reviews paired with a giveaway generate more interest to my readers.

In order to offer a solid giveaway and review to my readers, I require:

  • Product to use for myself: I cannot do an honest and complete review if I do not have the product to use.

  • $50 advertising fee:  This is payment for in-post advertising. This is not a fee for a positive review nor is it a fee for
    reviewing the product. I will share my true opinion of the product. Every product I review I use with my family and photograph.

  • Product for giveaway: Company will be responsible for mailing the prize in a timely manner.

  • Coupon code for readers: (optional) Codes to purchase product at discounted price, if desired.

If you take out a 3 month ad with Spell Outloud, your review/giveaway is FREE!

Here are a couple examples of reviews on Spell Outloud:

Educational card games from BirdCage Press

All About Reading Level 1

Dish mat Review
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  • giveaway and review policies
  • Twitter parties and special
  • Conference sponsorship
Button and Banner Advertising
Taking it a Step Farther

If you like the idea of a product review but would like to reach more than my single blog audience, please ask me about pitching
your product to a group of bloggers I network with. We can provide a blog blitz of coordinated reviews/giveaways as well as Twitter
Contact me today!